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Who attends the conference

Attendance by sector at Plastic Pipes Inside Buildings™ 2018

Plastic Pipes Inside BuildingsTM is the only international conference fully dedicated to this industry.  It is designed for both technical and commercial professionals from the following sectors:

  • Installation contractors, plumbers, plumbing & heating design engineers, public health engineers;
  • Building supplies wholesalers;
  • Pipe system suppliers, manufacturers of pipes, fittings & other components;
  • Suppliers of raw materials & additives;
  • Suppliers of machinery, tooling & technology;
  • Testing and certification agencies;
  • Academic & research institutions.

Geographically, the audience of this international conference is global, with participants coming not just from across Europe, but also from the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Why attend?

Attending the conference benefits your business/employer; it is also good for your own career and industry profile.  By attending, you will:

  • Get a concentrated, ultra-relevant summary of what’s going on in the industry, in return for just 2 days of your precious time;
  • Network with colleagues, customers, suppliers; initiate new collaborations.
  • Raise your profile in the industry; it's good for your career.

What does the conference cover?

All technical and business issues related to plastic pipes in building applications, such as:

  • Hot & cold water plumbing;
  • Heating & cooling installations: radiators, underfloor, in-wall, etc.
  • Soil & waste, drainage;
  • Ventilation, air-conditioning, venting & extraction;
  • Supply of gas for heating and cooking;
  • Supply of water for sprinklers and fire-fighting;
  • Roof & surface drainage, water storage & recycling;
  • Distribution of compressed air, special gases and vacuum;
  • Electrical conduits & telecom ducts;

Feedback from previous editions

(Participants were given the possibility to provide anonymous feedback.)

How would you rate the conference?

What in particular did you like about the conference (tick all that applies)

Top results:

  • 91% of respondents ticked 'Networking opportunties';
  • 78% of respondents ticked 'Presentations programme';
  • 69% of respondents ticked 'The organisation';
  • 53% of respondents ticked 'The location (Cologne)'.

What in particular did you not like about the conference (tick all that applies)

Top result:

  • 6% of respondents ticked 'The location (Cologne)'.

Additional feedback from participants:

  • Organisation + execution of the conference was HIGH CLASS.  Thanks a lot and congratulation to you and your team!
  • The conference was excellent and I enjoyed every minute. I have just finished making some thirty or so emails to people I met, with others to do tomorrow. My knowledge of environmental science and plastics has been enriched by this experience - I am forever grateful to you!
  • Really enjoyed the conference, especially the consumer perspective that Dr. Reddy provided in his presentation.  I think the conference would benefit from finding similar topics for 2018.  Over all "Good job!"
  • I congratulate you on the conference "plastic inside buildings " was very successful and I trust my presentation was well received.
  • Congrats to you for the perfect organization and selection of very interesting topics!!
  • I thought the event was hugely successful and you should give yourself a pat on the back...well done for organising it.  Thank you very much for inviting me.
  • The conference was very good and informative.
  • Much appreciated, thanks for organising.
  • Thanks for a well organized event! We’ve enjoyed the lectures, discussions and meetings!
  • Thank you very much once again for arranging this interesting conference.  I really enjoyed the perfect arrangement and the interesting discussions with participants.

The Organisers

Plastic Pipes Inside BuildingsTM 2019 is organised by Nortal Consulting, a business consultancy and market research agency specialised in the polymers & plastics industry.

The Conference Chair will be Mr. Noru Tsalic, a plastic pipes professional with broad expertise and more than 25 years of experience.  Mr. Tsalic has developed and chaired numerous similar events.  He is a known figure in the plastic pipes industry.

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