16-18 October 2017, Lindner City Plaza Hotel, Cologne, Germany
16-18 October 2017, Lindner City Plaza Hotel, Cologne, Germany

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A unique conference for a dynamic industry

Constructing a modern building always involves the installation of ample lengths of pipe, serving a broad array of purposes:

  • Hot and cold drinking water plumbing;
  • Radiator connections;
  • Hydronic radiant heating cooling systems: underfloor heating, ceiling cooling, in-wall heating/cooling (including systems based on thermal mass, solar and geothermal heat pumps);
  • Removal of soil and waste water;
  • Supply of gas for heating and cooking;
  • Supply of water for sprinklers and fire-fighting;
  • Electrical conduits and ducts;
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning;
  • Distribution of compressed air and/or vacuum.

Increasingly, plastic materials are used to manufacture such pipe systems.  Plastic pipes offer design flexibility, fast installation, resistance to corrosion, light weight, superior sustainability and cost effectiveness.


Plastic pipes and accessories are manufactured by a dynamic industry, with a relatively complex supply/value chain and multiple channels to market.  An industry which innovates constantly.


Plastic Pipes Inside BuildingsTM is the only international conference fully dedicated to this industry.

Five good reasons to attend

  1. Review current & future market trends;
  2. Assess the latest innovations in applications, materials, machinery, process & product design;
  3. Learn about relevant developments in customer requirements & regulation;
  4. Exchange views with key industry participants;
  5. Network in a relaxed atmosphere with colleagues, customers & suppliers.

The Organisers

Plastic Pipes Inside Buildings 2017 is organised by Nortal, a business consultancy specialised in the polymers & plastics industry.


The Conference Chair will be Mr. Noru Tsalic, a plastic pipes professional with broad expertise and more than 25 years of experience.  Mr. Tsalic has developed and chaired numerous similar events.


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